Powerpipes Performance Garage

“30 years later and not yet exhausted”

Yes, that’s how long Pops and his team have been around. The success behind this is very simple, hands on service and giving the clients what they want. Owner Kamil, aka Pops (K&N Performance exhausts) always wanted to be different, that is, not just a fitment center, but a specialist fitment center.  He has achieved this through many years of experience in that field. Hishaam, aka Ish or Junior, has been around with his dad from age of 15.  They have teamed up to give you the best possible service and expertise.


Exhaust systems

  • Stainless steel 304-409/Galvernized steel/Mild steel 
  • 38mm to 127mm diameter exhausts.
  • Standard & performance applications.
  • Turbo & Normal aspirated applications.
  • Petrol & Diesel applications. 
  • Silencers made as per requirements (specs-sizes-dimensions) 
  • Turbo down pipes.
  • Removal of Catalytic converters & DPF filters
  • Mini cat foolers
  • X pipes/H pipes/Y pipes
  • Performance hi-flow catalytic converters
  • Branches/Headers made to spec & size.
  • Flanges + Gaskets
  • Mandrel/dairy/compressed bends.
  • Roll cages for road and race cars.
  • Bolt On systems supplied.


Dyno tuning & Software upgrades and solutions.

  • Power runs.
  • Performance software tuning for most vehicles (petrol & diesel)
  • Plug and play units.
  • DPF delete (diesel vehicles).
  • Catalytic converter delete codes.
  • Dicktator tuning.

 Suspension lowering,parts & repairs.

  • Lowering kits (N-Force-Eibach-H&R-Koni-Cobra)
  • Coil over kits (FK-Maxtrac-JOM-Cobra-H&R)
  • Wheel spacers  
  • Suspension repairs (rack-ends/v-arm bushes/control arms/stabilizer links etc..)
  • Coil & leaf springs supplied
  • Heavy duty springs
  • Compressing of both coil & leaf springs.
  • Polyurethane bushes for all vehicles (we set and mould)
  • Shock Absorbers (Gabriel/Bilstein/Monroe/Sachte etc.)
  • Top shock mountings


Air filters

  • Flat panel filters
  • Cone filters
  • Induction kits
  • Intake kits (turbo applications)
  • BMC-K&N-ITG-TWEEK etc…
  • Service & cleaning kits


General servicing & vehicle styling

  • Service kits
  • Clutch kits
  • Brake disks and pads
  • Oil changing
  • NF octane boosters
  • Vehicle Wrapping
  • Stickers made while you wait
  • Rim repairs and respraying.



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